Department of Management of Information Systems

Head of Department:
Heng Sok
Group ID:
Faculty of Information and Computer Technologies
Bachelor of Science


Information and its technological applications are among the prerequisites for a country's development. Computers, being one of the technological applications, enhance competition in all sectors. On the other hand, interdisciplinary approaches and studies are becoming more and more widespread in the world. As a result, the parties producing and/or using these systems and approaches need employees educated on this subject.

The Department of Management Information Systems has been established to fulfill these needs. This program integrates management and computer science disciplines leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree.


The mission of the Department of Management Information Systems at Zaman University consists of three interrelated components: Providing the highest quality instruction to our undergraduate students, conducting leading-edge research in management and in IT, and providing leadership and service to our professional communities.
The program is designed to deliver a balanced set of management and computer courses in order to prepare students for developing and maintaining business information systems. The main subject list includes organization, economics, marketing, finance, computer programming techniques, system design concepts, database management, data communication and software engineering. The department incorporates an emphasis on managerial and end-user concerns related to modern information systems. Special attention is given to attaining proficiency in the development of management applications and implementations.
This department will have the following advantages:

  • Appropriate and comfortable spaces for students and academicians.
  • Recent catalogs and educational programs based on the global trade demand of work.
  • Diversified staff (foreign and Cambodian) with long educational experience.
  • Possibilities for internships during the studies in local and foreign companies.
  • The spaces are supplied with wireless and cabled internet 24 hour that students can use to develop their research.
  • The possibility of employment for the graduated is tightly connected with their academicals advances, courage, and conditions that will be provided by the university.
  • The graduated students will have consolidated knowledge on economics and economic processes.
  • Students will be able to situate trade development and to find relevant solution to the continuously appearing challenges.
  • Through the gained experience, the graduated economists will be among the most preferred staff in the specific disciplines due to their profession ethics, acquired theoretical framework, and applied methodology when employed.
  • The department aims to encouraging and motivating the graduated students to organize and manage their private activities.


In the first two years, students take basic management and computing courses. Specialized courses are offered in the last two years to provide the student with a strong foundation in information management. The department aims to prepare students for careers in business, computers and information systems so that graduates can immediately assume a variety of relevant positions. Lectures are enhanced by lab sessions and project applications.

Job opportunities:

The degree conferred upon the completion of the undergraduate program is Manager/Bachelor of Arts in Management Information systems. The qualification from this department provides the students with knowledge in management and in IT, as well as with organizational skills to serve in the public and in private sector.

What can you do after graduating from our Management of Information Systems major?

  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Software Engineer
  • Database Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • Information Systems Security Engineer
  • Business Development Manager for ICT companies
  • Systems Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • IT Development Project Leader
  • Systems Developer
  • Business Application Developer
  • Business and Financial Markets Analyst
  • Banking, Finance and Auditing Analyst

Curriculum of Department of Management of Information Systems

Semester 1 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
CS 110 IT Applications 3
KHM 101 Khmer Studies I 3
Semester 2 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
BUS 110 Management Essentials 3
KHM 102 Khmer Studies II 3
Semester 3 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I 3
BUS 230 Business Communications 3
CS 211 Software Design 3
CS 260 Web Design & Development 3
MIS 201 Principles of Management Information Systems 3
STAT 201 Business Statistics 4
Semester 4 - Core Courses
Remarks: Student should take 1 faculty elective.
Courses Name Credit
ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II 3
CS 230 Computer Networks 3
CS 241 Programming in C & C++ 3
BUS 202 Management II 3
BUS 212 Business Analytics 3
Semester 5 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students should take 1 faculty elective.
Courses Name Credit
BAF 301 Financial Management I 3
CS 311 Discrete Mathematics 3
CS 321 Database Management 3
MIS 300 MIS Junior Project 1 3
MIS 321 Project Management 3
Semester 6 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students should take 1 faculty elective.
Courses Name Credit
BAF 302 Financial Management II 3
BUS 410 Entrepreneurship 3
CS 360 Developing Mobile Applications for Android 3
CS 380 Human-Computer Interaction: UI Design 3
MIS 301 MIS Junior Project 2 3
Semester 7 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students should take 2 faculty electives.
Courses Name Credit
BUS 420 New Venture Creation 4
CS 461 Developing Mobile Applications for iPhone/iPad 3
MIS 401 Final Year Project I 3
Semester 8 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students should take 2 faculty electives.
Courses Name Credit
MIS 402 Final Year Project II 3
MIS 480 Professionalism in Computing 3
LAW 310 Business Law 3