Department of Political Science and International Relations

Head of Department:
Sok Udom Deth, Annalizza Diane Sibulan Tuazon
Group ID:
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Bachelor of Arts


International Relations (also known simply as “IR”) is an independent field of studies that allows students to comprehend, specialize and achieve a wider appreciation of international politics, diplomacy, and international affairs in general. The World Wars during the 20th century and current issues related to territorial disputes, cross-national epidemics and terrorism, along with the emergence and significant roles of international and non-governmental organizations within the context of globalization era, mean that the studies of International Relations as an academic discipline is not only useful but imperative.


The mission of the Department of International Relations at Zaman University is to educate students about the theories and issues in current international affairs, so that they can analyze, comprehend, and actively be a part of those who shape the direction and betterment of the world community. In addition to these core skills, students of IR department shall also acquire complimentary and valuable skills in interpersonal and cross-cultural communication, critical thinking analyses and leadership potentials. In particular, the Department of International Relations aims to:

  • Equip students with knowledge in diplomatic history and ongoing and emerging transnational and international issues
  • Expose students to various theories and “Schools of Thought” in IR and that help them make sense of the complexities of world affairs
  • Allow students to gain knowledge in the roles and functioning of state and non-state actors in international relations
  • Broaden students’ open-mindedness and enhance critical thinking abilities
  • Develop students’ competency in reading, analyzing, writing, oral communications, and research skills
  • Produce students with a sense of community and leadership potentials who are ready to jump aboard on their relevant career


The Department of International Relations at Zaman University is a four-year studies program. The first and second years of the program introduce students to fundamental ideas in the studies of international relations within the Cambodian and regional context, including the studies of states, basic IR theories, world history, ASEAN regional affairs, and a concise survey of Cambodia’s foreign relations. In the third and fourth years of their studies, students in the IR department at Zaman University will have a chance to take core and elective courses of IR that include, for instance, seminar on territorial disputes, international political economy, applied statistics and qualitative research methodology, media studies, conflict resolution, and foreign aid & investment etc. Throughout their four years of studies, in addition to their required and department courses, students will also be exposed to interdisciplinary elective courses in the fields of IT, business, and humanities. The program is therefore specially designed to equip students not only with knowledge in their field, but also impart them with practical skills that will enhance the effectiveness of their future career.

Job opportunities:

Graduates of International Relations department are the most suitable candidates pursuing careers in diplomatic corps, foreign affairs ministry, and international affairs offices in governmental and non-governmental organizations. Additional prospective employing agencies include (but are not limited to) multinational corporations, UN and international development agencies, especially in the fields of consultancy and cross-cultural and cross-national work coordination unit. Graduates of the program may also pursue higher degrees in IR if they wish to become academics or researchers in this field (i.e. teaching at universities, or working as researchers for think-tanks and IR institutes etc.).

What can you do after graduating from our International Relations major?

  • Ambassador
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Officer
  • NGO Manager
  • International Business Manager
  • United Nations
  • Foreign Services Officer
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Public Affairs Specialist
  • Language Specialist
  • Foreign Investment Specialist

Curriculum of Department of Political Science and International Relations

Semester 1 - Core Courses
Remarks: Take either ENGL 101 (Academic English I) or ENGL 103 (Essentials of English I), depending on your English result.
Courses Name Credit
MIS 110 Introduction to IT Applications 3
ECON 120 Development of Economic Thought 3
HIST 101 World History and Civilizations I 3
KHM 101 Khmer Studies I 3
IR 101 IR Orientation I 1
Semester 2 - Core Courses
Remarks: Take either ENGL 102 (Academic English II) or ENGL 104 (Essentials of English II), depending on your English result.
Courses Name Credit
ECON 100 Introductory Economics 3
HIST 102 World History and Civilizations II 3
KHM 102 Khmer Studies II 3
IR 102 IR Orientation II 1
MATH 110 Essentials of Mathematics 4
Semester 3 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students should take a foreign language or a Faculty elective.
Courses Name Credit
ECON 211 International Economics 3
IR 201 Introduction to Political Science 3
IR 221 Nation-States and Comparative Politics 3
SOC 211 Introduction to Sociology 3
IR 211 Cultures and Societies in Southeast Asia 3
Semester 4 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students should take a foreign language or a Faculty elective.
Courses Name Credit
ECON 212 International Finance for Development 3
IR 202 Introduction to International Relations 3
IR 220 ASEAN in the Regional & Global Context 3
IR 230 Non-State Actors in World Politics 3
STAT 211 Statistics for Social Sciences 3
Semester 5 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students should take a foreign language or a Faculty elective.
Courses Name Credit
IR 301 Comparative Foreign Policy 3
IR 320 Public Policy 3
LAW 301 Introduction to International Law 3
RES 301 Research Methods in Social Sciences 3
IR 321 History of Political Thought 3
Semester 6 - Core Courses
Remarks: 1. Elective 1: Departmental Elective. 2. Elective 2: Faculty or language elective; students who wish to write a thesis in their 4th year will take IR 340 - Pre-Thesis Seminar as elective.
Courses Name Credit
IR 330 International Political Economy 3
IR 302 International Relations of East Asia 3
LAW 302 Institutional Law of International Organizations 3
IR 350 Media in Domestic and Global Politics 3
Semester 7 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students not writing a Senior Thesis must take a Faculty Elective.
Courses Name Credit
IR 401 Contemporary Theories in Global Politics 3
IR 421 Issues In Development Studies 3
IR 422 Issues in Post-Conflict Societies 3
LAW 401 Comparative Law 3
Semester 8 - Core Courses
Remarks: Remarks: 1. Students not writing a Senior Thesis must take a Faculty Elective.
Courses Name Credit
IR 412 Cambodia's Foreign Policy 3
IR 450 Government and Politics in Southeast Asia 3
IR 460 Seminar on Trans-boundary Issues 3
IR 402 Special Topics in Politics and International Relations 3
Departmental Elective Courses
Courses Name Credit
IR 312 Model United Nations 3