Department of Construction Management

Head of Department:
Amedeo Cilento
Group ID:
Faculty of Engineering
Bachelor of Science

The four-year program in Construction Management leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. Major emphasis is placed on organizing and managing the construction phase of society's efforts to improve the environment. The constructor is an important member of the building team and requires a professional knowledge of techniques, materials, equipment, job planning and cost control to add to the contributions of the planning and design professions. Graduates of this program can help supply the urgent needs of the construction industry and its related fields.

The undergraduate education provided at Zaman University gives graduating Construction Managers a fundamental understanding of all building systems. The breadth of technical knowledge includes study in:

• Structural studies

• Mechanical studies

• Project activities such as:



          Construction methods


          Building operations


Construction Management Program aims to prepare students for professional engineering practice or graduate study in the construction, management and operation of building systems. Students learn to manage the construction projects. After their basic preparation in all areas, the Construction Engineering Management Program will emphasis in:

• Construction management

• Cost estimation

• Financial Management of the Construction project

• Project Delivery Methods

To use this knowledge, the graduate must have a good foundation in engineering management and design as they relate to building systems and construction.

Curriculum of Department of Construction Management

Semester 1 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ECON 120 Development of Economic Thought 3
ENGL 101 Academic English I 4
ENGR 101 Introduction to Engineering 3
KHM 101 Khmer Studies I 3
MATH 120 College Algebra 4
Semester 2 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ECON 100 Introductory Economics 3
ENGL 102 Academic English II 4
KHM 102 Khmer Studies II 3
MATH 131 Calculus I 4
PHYS 101 Physics I 4
Semester 3 - Core Courses
Remarks: Students of CM, year 2: for the academic year 2017-2018 enrol in: ECON 120, section 2, instead of BUS 201 (CM 201)
Courses Name Credit
CM 201 Principles of Management 3
CE 201 Engineering Mechanics 4
MIS 201 Principles of Management Information Systems 3
ENGR 205 Computer Aided Geometric Design 4
Semester 4 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 212 Construction Technologies 4
CE 202 Strength of Materials 4
CE 212 Construction Materials 3
MATH 250 Probability and Statistics 3
Semester 5 - Core Courses
Remarks: CM 331 = CE.331 (Soil Mechanics & Lab) CM.301 = CE.301 (Structural Analysis I)
Courses Name Credit
BUS 321 Human Resources Management 3
AE 301 Structural Systems Design 4
CE 321 Surveying 3
CM 331 Soils in Construction 4
Semester 6 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 312 Building's Systems (MEP) 1 3
CE 340 Reinforced Concrete Structures 4
CM 312 Project Delivery Systems 3
CM 322 OSHE Operational Safety, Health and Environment 3
Semester 7 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 412 Building's Systems (MEP) 2 4
CE 451 Transportation Engineering 4
CM 401 Quantity Survey (Q/S) 4
CE 420 Const. Cost Estimation and Bidding 3
Semester 8 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
CM 402 Construction Management Project 5
CM 421 Construction Quality Management 3
CM 431 Project Management for Construction 3
CM 435 Logistics 3