Department of Architecture

Head of Department:
Amedeo Cilento
Group ID:
Faculty of Engineering
Bachelor of Science
The four-year program in Architecture leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. The Architecture major establishes an intellectual context for students to interpret the relation of form, space, program, materials and media to human life and thought. Through the Architecture curriculum, students participate in the ongoing shaping of knowledge about the built environment and learn to see architecture as one among many forms of cultural production. At the same time, the major stresses the necessity of learning disciplinary-specific tools, methods, terms and critiques. Thus, work in the studio, lecture or seminar asks that students treat architecture as a form of research and speculation which complement the liberal arts mission of expansive thinking. The undergraduate education provided at Zaman University gives graduating Architects a fundamental understanding of both art and science of design, with emphasis on processes, professional standards, and the practical application of design and technology. The task of architecture is the creation of human environments. It is both an expression of human values and a context for human activity. Through the design process, architecture addresses the interrelated environmental, behavioral, and cultural issues that underlie the organization of built form. The student of architecture is called upon to direct sensitivity, imagination, and intellect to the physical significance of these fundamental issues in designing a coherent environment for people. Architectural design as a comprehensive creative process is the focus of Zaman University Department of Architecture. The objectives of the Department of Architecture reflect the view that architecture is an intellectual discipline, both an art and a profession. The program, therefore, is based on the following intentions: • to stimulate artistic sensitivity and creative powers, • to strengthen intellectual growth and the capacity to develop creative and responsible solutions to unique and changing problems, and • to help the student acquire the individual capabilities necessary for the competent practice of architecture and lifelong learning.

Curriculum of Department of Architecture

Semester 1 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 101 Architectural Drawing and Creativity 3
ECON 120 Development of Economic Thought 3
ENGL 101 Academic English I 4
KHM 101 Khmer Studies I 3
MATH 120 College Algebra 4
Semester 2 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ECON 100 Introductory Economics 3
ENGL 102 Academic English II 4
ENGR 205 Computer Aided Geometric Design 4
KHM 102 Khmer Studies II 3
MATH 131 Calculus I 4
Semester 3 - Core Courses
Remarks: For students of year 2: - For ARC 213 (Khmer Arts and Architecture) --> enrol in KHM 211 - Enrol in ENG.205 (AutoCAD) - Do not consider PHYS 101 (already done in year 1) - Do not consider ARC.205 (Digital Media in Architecture) --> next semester
Courses Name Credit
ARC 203 Interior Architecture 4
ARC 205 Digital Media in Architecture 3
ARC 211 Architectural Design 1 3
ARC 213 Khmer Arts and Architecture 3
PHYS 101 Physics I 4
Semester 4 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 201 History of Architecture and Arts 1 3
ARC 212 Construction Technologies 4
ARC 221 Architectural Design 2 3
CE 212 Construction Materials 3
Semester 5 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 202 History of Architecture and Arts 2 3
ARC 300 Architectural Design 3 4
ARC 331 BIM Theory and Design 3
CE 321 Surveying 3
Semester 6 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 301 History of Architecture and Arts 3 3
ARC 303 Furniture Design 3
ARC 312 Building's Systems (MEP) 1 3
ARC 320 Architectural Design 4 4
ARC 322 Sustainable and Accessible Design 3
Semester 7 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 400 Architectural Design 5 4
ARC 402 Conservation of Historic Buildings and Renovation 4
ARC 412 Building's Systems (MEP) 2 4
ARC 401 Master Planning and Landscaping 4
Semester 8 - Core Courses
Courses Name Credit
ARC 410 Architectural Design 6 (Final Project) 5
ARC 422 Urban Planning and City Design 4
CM 431 Project Management for Construction 3